Most anxious people in the business world have a poverty-mindset

The poverty-mindset is essentially an anxiety based worldview which rests on a number of self-limiting beliefs and assumptions:

  • The world is not a bountiful place
  • Resources are scarce – there is not enough to go around
  • I must hold on to what I have even if better opportunities come knocking
  • Disaster is only one decision away

Poverty-mindset lowers organisation morale and limits business growth

When the poverty-mindset overcomes a business the energy required for growth is severely limited, staff morale predictably declines and the energy of the organisation shifts into conservation instead of growth. When the poverty-mindset afflicts an individual (and it often afflicts some of the smartest, most talented people), it invariably leads a person to stay in their comfort zone, be risk-averse and eventually experience burn-out, cynicism and resentment.

The poverty-mindset can insidiously erode entire organisations and the human beings that comprise them. Business coaching and cultural transformation can turn things around but only with a willingness to face the issue, fully recognising that the poverty-mindset is an operational frame which is ill-suited to business growth and staff satisfaction. For individuals, therapy can be helpful to uncover how the poverty-mindset has developed and how it is being maintained.

Are you or your business suffering from the poverty-mindset?

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