My coaching approach is practical, compassionate and results oriented

Coaching is distinct from therapy or counseling in important ways. It is a much more direct, focused approach that is aimed at clarifying your values, goals and personality style in order to help you take immediate steps toward growth.

Our sessions cover what is most important to you – relationship issues, work issues, resolving conflict, increasing self-awareness, reducing patterns of self-defeating behaviours.

I begin by working to quickly develop an understanding of your personality style, using this as the foundation for guiding you toward heightened levels of growth through self-awareness.

By understanding your personality, we begin to provide essential context for whatever your presenting issues are. We can also begin to work together to assist you to tag and process past events that you may be continuing to struggle with.

An in-depth understanding of your personality covers:

  • Your habitual focus of attention – what is the data you are wired to seek out and why?
  • The core emotions and fears that guide your focus of attention.
  • Your defensive strategies when under stress.
  • Your key strengths.
  • Your blind spots.
  • Which centre of intelligence you lead with (cognitive, emotional or instinctual) and the order in which your centres operate.
  • Your core instincts (self-preservation, social and intimate) and the ways in which they influence you and your presenting problems.

Ideally, our first session together is 2 hours as this allows time to penetrate beneath the surface of your presenting issues, explore your personality style in depth, begin to build critical self-awareness and discuss strategies suited to your needs.

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