Are you an Empath?

Have you ever been told you are overly sensitive or shy?
Do you have a strong internal critic that constantly judges you?
Do you have a strong need to please others and to avoid conflict?
Do you often feel like you don’t fit in?
Do you struggle to voice your needs in your relationships?
Can you easily enter into dysfunctional relationships that you find difficult to end?
Do you have a sensitive nervous system – are easily startled, sensitive to noise or others energy?
If you can relate to most of the above, you probably are an empath or highly sensitive person who is emotionally and cognitively attuned to the needs of others.

My expertise in providing therapy and coaching for empaths comes from over a decade’s experience in clinical practice

I have provided many insights regarding the empath temperament and the unique challenges empaths often face with personality disordered individuals, especially narcissists, on my YouTube channel.
My approach to working with empaths is guided by the following approach:
  • Assist the empath calm and regulate their sensitive nervous system.
  • Shrink the empath’s strong internal critic.
  • Shrink the empath’s need to please.
  • Empower the empath to see their unique gifts and talents.
  • Actualise the empath’s internal warrior to make them less vulnerable to predatory and energy draining individuals.
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