Bipolar Disorder has historically been viewed as a low-prevalence (not very common) mental health disorder, which in recent years has become more prevalent. Like depression, it involves significant alterations in mood, physiology, thought process and behaviour, alternating between the experience of depression and mania or hypomania. Mania and hypomania (a milder form of mania) are abnormally elevated mood states charactertised by a persistent expansive, elated mood, higher than usual levels of energy, fragmented and speeded up thought process and impulsive behaviours (e.g. driving recklessly, spending large sums of money). During mania, a person may experience psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations, however these symptoms subside once their mania is adequately treated. Improperly treated or left undiagnosed, Bipolar Disorder poses a serious threat to the person and increases their risk of self-harm, suicide or misadventure. Appropriate medical treatment of Bipolar Disorder is critical in addition to psychological and lifestyle based approaches, which are essential for preventing relapse and ensuring a good quality of life.

At Vital Mind Psychology, we have the skills, experience and expertise to accurately assess and treat Bipolar Disorder alongside medical treatment for this condition.

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