Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is currently seen as a lifelong neuropsychological disorder which affects an individual’s ability to maintain sustained attention, remain task-focused and effectively manage their environment. ADHD tends to be a lifelong condition, first manifesting in childhood and often persisting throughout the affected person’s adult life. Adult ADHD is receiving increased research attention as a condition which negatively impacts the affected individual, their academic and career performance and their relationships. Adults with ADHD often report feeling like under-achievers, suffering from social anxiety and having a fear of authority figures. Many go undiagnosed for many years, or receive an incorrect diagnosis (such as depression, anxiety, anger-management problems or even Bipolar disorder). Their negative experiences within the conventional education system (often labelled as ‘lazy’ or ‘not trying hard enough’) often contributes to ongoing difficulties with paper and pen tasks and the avoidance of such tasks.

At Vital Mind Psychology, we have specialised skills in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of Adult ADHD using psychological, lifestyle as well as nutritional approaches.

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